Distance. Distance is a difficult thing to overcome in a relationship. But as a partner to a defence member no matter what country they serve, there are many people out there who struggle with being separated from their loved one. I personally struggled tremendously when my partner went through training. We spent every day together, and I mean every day. We shopped together, I helped out at his work, we lived together I mean we were as close as two people can get. So naturally we and I mean more so me, I found it so difficult being away from him without any contact other than mail.

Now I will admit, before he went to training I had never before sent a letter, a hand-written letter via the post before. In today’s digital age I have only ever done things electronically, so when I walked into the local post office I said to the gentleman behind the counter “Pleasure excuse my ignorance but I need some help, I have never sent a letter before and I’m wondering how the stamp or system works to get my letter sent to … this address?”. He just laughed and handed me some pre-paid posted envelopes, explained what to do and away I went.

Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing half the time, I only got to hear his voice and help him over the three months just a few times. I know it’s difficult but it is worth it if you truly are willing to accept the new changes in your life. I know I do.

Until Next time ❤