Needing attention from someone who isnt there

When it comes to being a military partner sometimes one of the hardest things is when you need attention from someone who just isn’t there. When the military seperates you for such long periods of time you get left by yourself at home. Whether you have kids and have to be the chauffeur, bed time story teller, chef and cleaner or maybe your just left at home by yourself when your partner goes off, either way the person you need most just simply can’t be there.

My partner has always called me a little bit needy because I LOVE my cuddles, I love having quality time with him around. But when I first met him he wasn’t in the military so it was a luxury I had. As time got on, he went through his initial training phase which separated us for a few months and then straight into his initial employment training (IET’s). Overall, I hadn’t spent more than 1.5days at a time with him over the span of 8months and I struggled.

This time apart made me think long and hard about what it was going to take and what I would have to get use to being a military spouse. The time spent away for training, the deployments and the long work hours he would have to put in. The fact I would have to sacrifice the luxury of getting to hold him and talk to him whenever I wanted like a normal civilian couple all for his career in the defence.

I weighed up the choices I had. To be honest, I would do it all over again because at the end of the day after training and his work day he would come home to me and it would be like Christmas! It was hard in the beginning cause like I said… I was a tad needy… but as time went on I found coping strategies, other women in the community to talk to, family and my work kept me busy. Every day I did one thing some my self love list and it worked a treat.


Until next time ❤