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Here at Combat Companion we know how it feels to be the partner of soldier, to see someone go through the process of becoming an Australian solider whether it be Army, Air Force or Navy. We as partners married or not, have an untold story as we follow our loved ones, support them through countless weeks of training and the trials of deployments. We create a home for our servicemen and women and at times we do face solidarity in our commitment to them. However, you are not alone. Here are Combat Companion we are here to help you become healthy, wealthy and inspired. By providing you the tools and support you need to achieve great things in your life.

We want you to remember a few key elements: Firstly, you are not alone. Even in times of struggle and doubt you are and never will be alone as you will always have people around you to converse with, to lean on and to help you no matter the challenges. We know the struggles of dealing with life’s curve balls alone, and it can be beyond difficult, but with the support of one another we can all find a way to get through life’s struggles together. Secondly, we would like you to know that we aim to provide you with the tools and tips that help you to navigate the waters of the Australian defence force. We wish our content and offerings help you along your journey. Finally, we wish to inspire you to create a life of health and wealth in all areas of your life. You deserve nothing but the best for yourself, for your partner and to find a way to take control of your life it’s all by choice. You can manifest your dreams by choosing to act and believing in yourself and your choices. You deserve the world, we are here to help you achieve it.

I would love to hear from all of you, so if you have and questions, experience or you just want to talk feel free to contact me on any platform Facebook, Instagram, email etc.

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